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Dream2earn (D2E) is Globally Crypto Based mobile gaming platform that offers 6+ games for free download in categories such as sports, card games, Fruit games, puzzle games, action games, and more. It is the upcoming most trusted gaming platform where many users games and win real crypto!


Metaricaro (CARO) Token

Metaricaro.com is the Metaverse Based Ecosystem and CARO will be the Reserve Currency for the Whole Ecosystem.

METARICARO Acceptability (CARO) Token will serve as a global crypto currency, which will be acceptable on all Metaricaro platforms, and it will empower people to use a single crypto currency for diverse Use's as well as trading.

Ricaro Coin is a BEP20 Coin that can be bought in exchange for Binance (BNB). Designed on the BNB blockchain, RicaroCoin is designed to expedite transactions while offering low transaction fees.

RicaroCoin will play an extremely significant role in driving transactions on a number of platforms, internationally, including Shopping, Trading, Travel, Remittance, Merchant Services, Staking, and many more. It will also be the backbone of RicaroCoin Referral & Reward Program. The acceptance and usage of Ricaro will increase its popularity as well as value.

Metricaro creates a Metaverse Based infrastructure on the blockchain where users will be able to use CARO Token on multiplatform.
In addition, users will be able to play and earn using CARO token on the online gaming platform and will be able to trade in NFT and various cryptocurrencies buy and sell using CARO tokens on the CAROX exchange in upcoming days.

Smart Contract

Token Symbol CARO

Decimal 18

Total Supply 9,99,99,999

Blockchain Binance Smart Chain

Contract 0x4Aa1063a4537448cEf8D93E7588Fe3eB2af8e328

What is Crypto?
How it works

This is the first edition of our roadmap

We are pushing boundaries and charting new territory, and with that, always expect the unexpected. Keep in mind that the Roadmap is always subject to Update as the project evolves and we explore the connection between cryptocurrency, gaming, and the virtual world of the metaverse..

2021 Q1
Establishment of the MetaRicaro
E-ecosystem idea
2021 Q2
Working on
development program
2021 Q3
Common ecosystem infrastructure
development plan created
2021 Q4
Main site metaricaro.com created
● All social media accounts created
● Live Roadmap created
● Preparation for the first CARO coin airdrop
● CARO whitepaper created
● SEO optimization of for Metaricaro
2022 Q1
Build Community via Airdrop. Token sale begins in a phased manner.Listing at Coin Market Cap.
2022 Q2
Preparation of launching online gaming platform. Marketing and promotion for Online gaming platform Dream2earn.com will be started .
2022 Q3
Dream2earn Mobile app BETA Version released testing, updation and new features added in the app.
2022 Q4
Dream2earn Mobile Gaming App Launch with highly advanced & fully functional crypto based LUDO Game. Live Now
2023 Q1
New Games Development work will start On RUMMY & FANTASY Cricket.
2023 Q2
Will launch our new games Rummy & Fantasy Cricket
2023 Q3
Will introduce our Gaming Launchpad for game developers where developers can list there games and they can reach out to masssive gami
2023 Q4
Will Start Development work on our crypto exchange Bitrizer.
2024 Q1
Will start development work on our NFT Gaming project.
2024 Q4
will launch beta version of our Crypto Exchange Bitrizer.
Token Distribution

Token Allocation

A total of 9,99,99,999 Ricaro will be minted and distributed among potential Ricaro holders during various processes.


A total of 9,99,99,999 Ricaro will be minted and distributed among potential Ricaro holders during various processes.

Airdrop 4% of the total Ricaro will be given to Early Users, For SighnUp & Referal Program To Building a Strong Ricaro Community.
Private sale 36% The private and public sale of Ricaro (ICO) will be carried out in different phases.
Staking – 20% of the total Ricaro will be given as an incentive to the participants Holding/Staking RicaroCoin.
Rewards – 10% of the total Ricaro will be given as an Referal & Levelincentive For Affiliate participants Holding/Staking of RicaroCoin.
Play2Earn – 10% Players will have daily Task available to get CARO tokens by Play2earn concept. To do this, they must log in daily and play a game . This will allow players to get daily reward tokens. Additionally, if the player performs Betther THEN, they will get additional tokens.
Ecosystem Fund – 5% of the total CARO be Reserve For Operation & Managenent, including developers, managers, and others.
Advisors – 5% The advisors of the MetaRicaro ecosystem will be given 5% of the total CARO for their contribution.
Reserve – 10% The reserved CARO will be used by the company as per the need.

Symbol: CARO

Type: BEP20